around the Island of Elba

Elba by Sea Kayak
Elba, with its 147-kilometer-long coast, indented with grottos and stupendous inlets and small bays, all surrounded by a crystal clear sea, is rich with life and ideal places to go sea-kayaking.

But to go kayaking on Elba is also a voyage into a huge variety of scenery, with different types of beaches and changes of colour that the morphology of the island presents you: from the white, golden or black sand beaches to the granite pebbled coasts that show you an intense blue; to the white pebbles over which the water flows with a transparency so clear as to make the kayaks seem suspended in air; to the eastern coasts covered in an emerald green.

Paddling around Elba we will get to exclusive ravines, accessible only by sea and because of this even more natural and wild. Thanks to the agility and manoeuverability of the kayak and, in the silence of its movement, we can approach the two different types of cormorants and, naturally, the splendid Royal seagulls, curious and friendly, as well as the smaller passage seagulls.

The kayaks from the excursion centre Il Viottolo are planned for sea excursion use and have watertight compartments so you can bring on board photographic equipment, baggage, tents and sleeping bags for longer excursions.

For sea-kayaking excursions on Elba we recommend the environmental guides of the excursion centre.