on the Island of Elba

Mountain bike on the island of Elba
The island of Elba, because of its landscape, is the ideal place for the mountain bike fans.

In fact, the island hosts numerous excursions on asphalt and dirt roads, easy trails, difficult uphills and steep downhills.

It is not for nothing that Elba hosts since years the mountain bike world championship.

It is with the mountain bike that one can discover roads, places, areas and breathtaking panoramas that one would not have discovered otherwise.

From the top of the hills and mountains you can admire the whole coastline of the island as well as all the other islands of the tuscan archipelago. You can discover various and always changing landscaps, beautiful beaches, chestnut and pine forests, mediterranean macchia vegetation, bizzare and beautiful rock formations and you will always have the sea as background. Come and enjoy the beauty of the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago.

For the mountainbike excursions on the Island of Elba we suggest the environmental guides of the excursion center Il Viottolo and Pelagos which with much passion and experience will suggest the most suitable routes and make you live unforgettable moments.

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